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Welcome To Strandline Sculptures

Sculpture called Neptunes's Table Neptune's Table

The sculptures range thro’ representational to biomorphic and abstract forms, some of which are ‘mobiles’ – my objective is to entertain, interest & sometimes amuse – you will find no definitions of space, time or the meaning of life.

Each of these pieces of decorative sculpture is unique. They are environmentally friendly, being based mainly upon driftwood and other recovered objects from land and sea

Sculpture - Cathedral Cathedral
Sculpture - Dark Climber Dark Climber

My work has been selected for display at:

  • The Mall Galleries London
  • The Royal Soc. of Marine Artists
  • The Gallery Tala - Cyprus
  • The Soc. of Wildlife Artists
  • The Medical Art Soc.
  • The United Soc. of Artists
  • The Hampshire Sculpture Trust
  • Kalepia Art & Wildlife Gallery - Cyprus
  • En Plo Gallery – Cyprus
  • The Art of the Imagination

I should like to rise and go
Where the Golden Apples grow,
Where beneath another sky,
Parrot Islands anchored lie.
Robert Louis Stevenson